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Icheon ceramics village Tour

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Icheon has been a valuable city for ceramic arts since originating in the Bronze Age. It was designated as a “City of Crafts and Folk Art" on the UNESCO Creative Cities Network in 2010. Here visitors can see a variety of Korea's finest ceramics such as Cheongja (celadon porcelain), Baekja (white porcelain), and Buncheongsagi (grayish-blue powdered celadon). Here, you can experience a pottery making class.

Tour description

Icheon Ceramics Village produces traditional Korean ceramics, which are of high quality. The village became the center of traditional pottery during the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910) for about 500 years due to the easily obtainable materials in the areas. Icheon Ceramics Village was also the center of Joseon Baekja ceramics. Presently, about 80 pottery factories are congregated at the village, and about 300 pottery kilns are in use.  

You can experience to see and learn how to make traditional Korean ceramics. Also, Icheon Ceramics Festival is internationally famous. It has been holding every year. ceramics village
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Wawoo jeongsa Buddhist temle

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Waujeongsa Temple is located in Haegok-dong in Yongin, Gyeonggi-do at the center of the Yeonhwasan Mountain Range surrounded by 48 magnificent mountain peaks. Waujeongsa Temple is the main branch of the Nirvana order, and has approximately 3,000 Buddha statues. The most popular statue is buldu, an 8-meter high statue of Buddha's head, situated at the temple's entrance. Another famous statue is wabul, a Buddha statue carved from juniper wood imported from Indonesia. The wabul reaches 3 meters in x_height and 12 meters in length, making it one of the largest of its kind in the world. The temple houses Buddha statues from all over the world, made from all kinds of materials, that were given as a gift by monks and leaders from other countries

Tour itinerary

Pricing information

Tour rate

Number of Guest / Price per Person
-  2Persons / USD265
-  3Persons / USD204
-  4Persons / USD164
-  5Persons / USD145
-  6Persons / USD130
-  7Persons / Inquiry


-  All admission fees to tourists sites 

-  Local English-speaking guide

-  Roundtrip transfer service with private vehicle

-  Experience making pottery using spinning wheel


-  Personal expenses

-  Every meal

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