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Hiking Mt.Wolchul National Park


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This national park boasts of magnificent and distinctive rocky mountain peaks that are truly special. These mountains soar dramatically from the flat farmlands of Gangjin and Yeongam counties, which are situated in the southwest of Gwangju. The highest peak, Cheonhwangbong, stands tall at 809m, and the picturesque sunset to the west is an awe-inspiring sight to behold.

The name Wolchul, which translates to "mountain where the moon rises," perfectly captures the essence of this place. Among the many tourist attractions in the park, there is a 52-meter-long suspension bridge that connects two peaks, offering a thrilling experience to visitors. Additionally, a sitting Buddha statue, designated as a National Treasure, is another must-see attraction.

What's more, embarking on a tour of this national park is an ideal way to alleviate the fatigue of long-distance travel, as one can easily access it by riding the KTX high-speed train from Seoul to Mokpo.

Tour description

Mt. Wolchulsan National Park


You will begin walking towards Cheonghwangsa Temple. Much of the trail in the beginning is a combination of woods and bamboo. After Cheonghwangsa Temple the trail is pretty rugged and steep. As you make your way up, there are a few clearings you can stop and take a look out.


After about an hour of going up, You can reach the Cloud Bridge(Gureumdari). You will cross the bridge, 120m from the ground, 52m long, and 6m wide. To the left of Sajabong Peak, around the middle of the mountain, there is a waterfall pouring down into the valley as seven separate falls on top of each other, called Chilchi Waterfall.  The surrounding landscape really makes this Cloud Bridge a great experience.


When you reach the top of Wolchulsan Mountain, there is a large flat granite rock that can fit up to 300 people. Staring down from here gives you a great view of Wolchulsan Mountain.


Rocky mountains make for more interesting views from the ground up and the actual process of hiking is pretty interesting.


On the way down to Dogapsa and Muwisa Temples, there is a field of reeds by the road that becomes spectacularly beautiful during fall. The sunset in the west is also beautiful beyond description. In the spring, the azaleas, in the summer the cool waterfalls, in the fall, all kinds of lovely colors, and in the winter, the snow covered mountains and valleys – Wolchulsan National Park is truly a wonderful site to visit all year around.


Tour itinerary

tagytravelkorea-Korea National Park Trekking tour
Mt. Wolchulsan

Pricing information


-  All admission fees 

-  Lunch box and water

-  Professional English-speaking driver and guide

-  Transfer service with a private vehicle

-  Round trip Ktx tickets


-  Personal expense

-  Every meals


-  Please wear hiking shoes and weather-appropriate clothing

-  Please take a backpack, plenty of water and some snack

-  If you ask, we can lend you a backpack, hiking poles and crampons.

-  Your guide will have a First-aid kit and hiking map with him

Tour rate

Number of Guest / Price per Person
-  2Persons / USD700
-  3Persons / USD580
-  4Persons / USD490
-  5Persons / USD448
-  6Persons / USD380
-  7Persons / Inquiry

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