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Hiking Mt.Jiri for 2~3 days


Jirisan National Park is without a doubt the largest and most bio-diverse mountainous national park in South Korea. 

One described the origin of the word Jirisan. The word Jirisan means "a mountain that transforms a stupid person into a wise man."  The park is dominated by the highest peak on mainland South Korea (Cheonwangbong Peak, 1915m), but yet there’s a fantastic ridge running east-west throughout the heart of the park that also gets some much-deserved attention. Most hikers take the 33.6km hiking route from Seongsamjae to Nogodan and then Cheonwangbong, before hiking down the mountain to Jungsan-ri. This takes experienced hikers about 18 hours of hiking. In this case, it's 2 days of hiking in total.

It takes about 9 hours to reach Byeoksoryeong Shelter from the Seongsanjae on the first day.

Korea’s national parks have shelters that you can use to rest and stay overnight.  You will spend the night at Byeoksoryeong Shelter in the midway.  On the second day, you would be spent climbing steadily from Byeoksoryeong shelter to Yeonhabong peak. After hiking up and down along the rocky ridge for a few hours, you arrive at  Cheonwangbong peak(1,915m), the summit of the mountain. You will go down to Jungsan-ri leaving behind all the excitement of reaching the top of the mountain.

This hike in Korea can be a wonderful experience. It is amazing how an activity like hiking brings people of different cultures together. You need to adapt to situations that are much different from home but the memories of the experience would be precious and long-lasting!

Seongsamjae Pass

지리산 일출.JPG

A view from Nogodan peak

노고단에서 본 능선 풍경.JPG

Your guide will pick you up at your place and take you to Yongsan station in Seoul. You will board

the train for a four and a half-hour ride to Gurye at 10 pm.  You will arrive at our destination at about 3:20 AM.  You will move to Gurye Bus terminal and transfer to a bus bound for Seongsamjae at 03:40 and the bus arrives at Seongsamjae at 04:10 AM.  After having a brief breakfast, the hike starts from around 5 am.   At about 5:50 AM you will arrive at the Nogodan pass. Roughly 1.5 hours after departing from Nogodan Pass you reach a fork in the road where you can take an optional side-trip and climb up to Banyabong Peak(1,734m). 



Beoksoryeong Shelter

벽소령 대피소.JPG

You will continue your hike along the trail toward the Beoksoryeong shelter - your goal for the first day.  The shelter is a large room with a wooden structure that has numbered spots for about 36 people, giving each one a spot on a wooden platform that is equal to the footprint of a sleeping bag.  Bring your earplugs!

There is much snoring. 



Chotdaebong peak


The trail measures 5.5km from Byeoksoryeong Shelter to Seseok Shelter, which is the next main resting spot along the ridge. During this stretch, there are several ups and downs that include great lookouts in every direction. Continuing to head eastward along the ridge it’s a long and steady climb from Seseok Shelter up to Chotdaebong Peak.

Yeonhabong Peak


Chenwangbong Peak


From Chotdaebong, it’s 2.1km up and down to Yeonhabong Peak (1667m).  It is a quick descent into Jangteomok Shelter and then just one final 1.6km push up to the peak of all peaks, Cheonwangbong peak(1,915m)  You head down the mountain toward Jungsan-ri village where your hike is completed.

You then take a bus to Jinju bus terminal. You will come back to Seoul from Jinju by bus for about 4 hours.

Tour itinerary

Pricing information

Tour rate


-  Admission fees 

-  Professional English-speaking hiking guide

-  Roundtrip transfer fees

-  Every meal


-  Personal expense 


- Please wear hiking boots and clothes suitable for the weather.
- Bring your backpack.
- We'll lend backpacks, hiking poles, crampons, etc. if you ask.
- The guide will provide first aid kits and hiking maps.

Number of Guest / Price per Person
-  1Persons / USD1,200
-  2Persons / USD800
-  3Persons / USD630
-  4Persons / USD550
-  5Persons / USD470

-  6Persons / Inquiry

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