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Korean food Cooking Class Tour


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It is said that to truly understand a country's culture, you must first experience its food. If you want to learn more about Korea's traditional food, there is no better way than to try your hand at making the food yourself. In Seoul, a variety of cooking programs are available for international visitors, offering lessons on how to make popular dishes like kimchi, bulgogi, bibimbap, tteok, and even royal cuisine. The length of each program varies depending on the menu, but most programs can be completed within half a day. Joining one of these programs will make your trip to Korea even more memorable, so give it your all to make some tasty traditional Korean food!

Tour description

Cooking Class

쿠 킹.JPG
Discover Korean culture through a hands-on cooking class and learn recipes that you can recreate at home. Shop for fresh ingredients at a local market. Whip up Korean dishes with professional chefs.
You will have all of your own equipment, prep tables and a stove station at your disposal. At the end of the class, all participants sit together at a communal table and enjoy what they created. Sit back and enjoy as we transform from cooking school into a restaurant ensuring you and your new friends have time to chat and relax.

Gyeongdong Herbal Medicine Market & Cheongrangri Fruits Market


With its winding alleyways lined with teeming barrels chock-full of homeopathic ingredients (leaves, herbs, roots, flowers, mushrooms and even centipedes!), Gyeongdong Herbal Medicine Market is a feast for the eyes. Comprising more than 1,000 shops and stalls, it remains Korea’s most famous and one of its largest traditional medicinal markets. In keeping with the name of this market, you can even find and taste fried ginseng from a street vendor.

Gwangjang Market

Gwangjang Market is one of Korea's largest and oldest traditional markets and is renowned for its quality silk goods, linen bedding, and hand-made goods. It is popular with foreign visitors looking to sample some of the best Korean street foods.

If you love Korean food, you don’t want to miss eating your way through Gwangjang Market in Seoul.

It’s one of the ultimate places to experience traditional Korean street food and culture all under one delicious roof.

Galmaegisal alley at Jongro-3ga


As dusk falls, people start to gather in the small alleyways, filling the empty seats. Soon, the smoke from the grilling meat and chatter about the day's work fills the air. This is the scene during the afternoon rush hour in Jongno-3-ga's "Gogi golmok," or "Galmaegisal Alley."  There are many meat 

restaurants in this alley, and they are famous for their delicious Galmaegisal(pork skirt meat). The quality of the meat really stand out, redder in appearance similar to beef and having a definitive beefy texture. The thick metal grill cooks the meat evenly without any flare-ups, and the stand-out sauces (ground perilla seeds, nutty bean flour, and lemon-infused soy sauce) were perfect.

Tour itinerary

Food tour.png

Pricing information

Tour rate

Number of Guest / Price per Person

-  2Persons / USD320

-  3Persons / USD260

-  4Persons / USD230

-  5Persons / USD210

-  6Persons / USD190

-  7Persons / Inquiry


-  Cooking class and lunch

-  Korea BBQ Dinner

-  Sample street food at Gwangjang Market

-  Local English-speaking guide service

-  Roundtrip transfer service with private vehicle

-  Hotel Pick up & Drop off Service in Seoul


-  Personal expense

-  Drink, Mineral water

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