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This tour provides the unique opportunity to enjoy the blue ocean of the East Coast and its colourful personalities changing every season. Each stopping station is also unique in its own way, adding to the pleasure of the tour.

Located in the mid-eastern part of the Korean peninsula, Gangwon-do is blessed with beautiful mountains (Seoraksan, Chiaksan, Odaesan and Taebaeksan) and clean beaches that offer some of the best sceneries and vacation spots throughout the year. You’ll experience the natural, historical, and culinary sides of Korea not found in Seoul.

 Gangneung, East Coast Tour

Tour description

Ojukheon House 

Ojukhen House
Ojukhen House 2

After three hours of journey from Seoul, you arrive at Gangneung Province where Gangwon province is surrounded by pure nature.  Your first stop is Ojukheon House. "Ojukheon House” where one of popular Korean scholars “Yi I was born and lived with his mother “Shin saimdang”. ‘Ojuk(烏竹)’ means a black bamboo and ‘heon(軒)’ means house. The area has a climatically and geographically unique environment that black bamboos can grow.
The house, built by the black bamboo forest in the middle of Joseon Dynasty, is approximately 500 years old. It was built during the early Joseon Dynasty and remains one of the oldest wooden residential buildings in Korea. 

Gyeongpo Beach

Gyeongpo Beach1

Gyeongpo Beach is a sandbank formed between Gyeongpo Lake and the ocean. This beautiful beach extends to a length of 6 km and is covered with fine sand and the beach feels extra cozy as it is surrounded by pine trees, which are reminiscent of an exquisite folding screen. It is a very well-known tourist attraction in Korea.

Badabuchaegil trekking


Badabuchaegil is a trekking course, which gives you an opportunity to explore the East coastal terrace formed by diastrophism over 2 million years ago. The terrace was designated as Korean Natural Monument 437.
The shape of the big rock is like a fan and ‘buchae’ means a fan in Korean, so it was named ‘Badabuchaegil’.

​The course is Jeongdongjin Sun Cruise – Tugu Bawi – Buchae Bawi – Simgok Port.

It is said Badabuchae-gil used to be a trail for military operations and civilians were not allowed to access it before, but recently it has been opened to the public. It is banned from taking pictures or videos of military facilities while passing the areas.

Gangneung Coffee Street


In 90’s, coffee vending machines were set along the beach in the boom of vending machines.
After the 1st Gangneung Coffee Festival held, a few cafes started to be built there,
and finally, it has become the coffee street full of cafes. Just across the street is a white sandy beach and the beautiful blue sea, making for a great place to take in the surrounding natural beauty over a delicious cup of coffee.

Jungang Seongnam Market


Gangneung Jungang Seongnam Market which is a traditional market representing Gangneung, is a food paradise where we can find all kinds of food produce from mountain, field and sea. Among them, pollack, shrimp, and grateloupia acuminata are ingredients that can be only found in Gangneung.

From the past, the central market has been famous for rice soup but various foods were added recently, becoming tourist attractions.   The sweet and sour chicken alley, located in the middle of the market, is the place where the raw chicken was fried. It’s very tasty and people are always waiting in lines although there are many other things to eat in the market. Chinese pancake with soft icecream, handmade fishcake croquette(fried fishcake with vegetables and cheese), grilled short rib patties(its size is proper to sprinkle sauce and eat on spot)


Tour itinerary

  • 09:00   Pick you up at your place

  • 09:00-11:00   Proceed to Gangneung, Gangwon-do

  • Ojukheon House 

  • Seongyojang House

  • Gyeongpodae Pavilion & Gyeongpo Lake

  • Gyeongpo Beach

  • Wolhwa Street & Gangneung Jungang market

  • Gangneung Coffee Street

  • Haslla Art World Museum

  • Drop off at your place

Pricing information

Tour rate

Number of Guest / Price per Person
-  2Persons / USD255
-  3Persons / USD175
-  4Persons / USD140
-  5Persons / USD113
-  6Persons / USD97
-  7Persons / Inquiry


-  Private Tour

-  English Speaking Tour Guide & Vehicle

-  All Entrance Charges


-  Travel Insurance

-  Haslla Art World Museum Ticket

-  Meals

Addtional Information

-  Please Email us. if request pick up from or drop off at out of seoul(Incheon) area

-  After finishing the tour, We can drop off near the seoul area


-  Over 7 year old: 'ADULT'

-  Infants under 2 years old is free of charge

-  Please email us, if your group is more than 7 people

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