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National parks are very rarely within a city, and yet Bukhansan Mountain in Seoul was designated as the 15th national park of Korea in 1983.  The national park is like an ecological island because it’s totally surrounded by urban areas, but it still serves as green lungs for the urban environment. It’s a popular natural park for over 20 million residents within the vicinity. It’s accessible from anywhere in the Metropolitan area thanks to the great road system.  There are also many historical and cultural sites including Bukhansanseong Fortress with over 2,000 years of history, over 100 Buddhist temples and monk’s cells. 

Tour description

Among the many hiking trails in Mt. Bukhan, one of the best scenic views is from the Hidden Wall trail, according to many hikers. This trail begins at the Bamgol in Bukhan-dong, in Goyang-si (city), Gyeonggi-do (Gyeonggi Province). It is not an easy course. People will find a steep ascent early on. They have to pass rocks and valleys. Those who prefer a simple and easy trail would be better off choosing a different course. For those who know the charms of climbing an untamed mountain path, however, this trail can reward them with one of the best views of the mountain and a sense of grand satisfaction. The Hidden Wall got its name as it is situated between Baegundae and Insubong peaks. The huge, singular rock makes people realize the magnificence and greatness of nature, even though they are still within Seoul city limits. Once atop the rock, people will forget about the path's difficulty and enjoy the picturesque view of Insubong and Baegundae peaks and the cool mountain breeze. Also, when they get to the rock, they can fully enjoy the view of the two mountain summits.

Difficulty : moderate/difficult


Altitude : 836m(2,744ft)


Distance : about 8km


Estimated trip time: 6 hours(including lunch time)

You will finish up the hike at a local restaurant and enjoy chimaek. Relax post-hike with food and drink integral to modern Korean hiking culture.  The fried-chicken-and-beer combo known as chimaek("chi" for chicken and "maek" for maekju, Korean for beer) is cheap and beloved by Koreans.  

Tour itinerary

Pricing information


Hotel - Proceed to Bamgol Park Ranger Post(hiking start point) - Sumeunbyeok(Hidden wall trail) -  Baegundae  Peak - Insu Shelter - Bakwoon Information Center - Bukhansan National Park Ui Ranger Station

 - Proceed to Local restaurant and enjoy chimaek - Back to Hotel

  Bamgol Park Ranger Post  
 Baegundae Peak 
Bukhansan National Park
Ui Ranger Post
Bakwoon Information Center

Tour rate


-  All admission fees

-  Chicken & Beer

-  Professional hiking English-speaking Guide

-  Roundtrip transfer service with private vehicle

-  Pick up & Drop off Service

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-  Personal expense

-  Food and drinks, unless specified



-  Please wear hiking shoes and weather-appropriate clothing

-  Please take a backpack, plenty of water and some food

-  If you ask, we will lend you a backpack, hiking poles and crampons.

-  Your guide will have a First-aid kit and hiking map with him

per person







8persons up









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