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Ganghwa Island Tour

Ganghwa’s location at the mouth of the River Han makes it a very strategically important place and its northern coast along the Han River is the border between North and South Korea. Ganghwa is pretty, peaceful rural place, free from the ubiquitous skyscrapers and shops that you find across South Korea. Enjoy your private tour from Seoul to Ganghwa island privately guided by an English speaking guide to see beautiful nature, local culture, historical sites, and local cuisines.

Tour description

Gwangseongbo Fortress

Korea private tour-Tagytravelkorea, Gwangseongbo Fortress
Korea private tour-Tagytravelkorea, Gwangseongbo Fortress

Gwangseongbo Fortress is located on the eastern coastline of Ganghwa Island north Incheon. This county area is one of the most North Western parts of the nation. Parts of the Gwangseongbo Fortress date back to the Goryeo Dynasty with the main fortress elements being built a few decades later. The fortress is maybe most well known as the location of one of the main battles during the Battle of Ganghwa during the American invasion in 1871 (The United States expedition to Korea). In recent times the Fortress has been restored to closer to its founder glory and has been an enjoyable mix of nature, history, and culture. There are old cannons to look at, great views over the channel as well as other areas.

Jeondeungsa Temple

Korea private tour-Tagytravelkorea, Jeondeungsa Temple
Korea private tour-Tagytravelkorea, Jeondeungsa Temple

Jeondeungsa Temple contains significant architectural works, including the main building Daeungbojeon. Decorated with delicate carvings, it is a superlative example of the architecture of the mid-Joseon Dynasty.

The canopy situated above the Buddha statue inside Daeungbojeon building showcases masterful workmanship. On the walls and columns of Daeungbojeon, visitors can see names of soldiers written on the walls.

These soldiers fought against the French Navy and wrote their names in Jeondeungsa to pray to Buddha for good luck in war.

Gangwha History Museum

Ganghwa History Museum opened in 2010 and is located inside Ganghwa Dolmen Park, which was designated as UNESCO World Heritage Historic Site No. 137. The museum aims to exhibit, preserve and educate about the history and culture of Ganghwa island from prehistoric ages to modern times based on artifacts from the area.

Korea private tour-Tagytravelkorea, Gangwha History Museum

Ganghwa Dolmen site

‘Dolmens’ are stone graves which date back to the pre-historic era. Dolmens are largely concentrated in Northeast Asia with Korea alone being home to a total of around 30,000 dolmens. The Ganghwa Dolmen Heritage Site encompasses roughly 120 dolmens, most of which are Northern-style dolmen that are made of large pieces of stone 7.1m in length and 2.6m in height.

Korea private tour-Tagytravelkorea, Ganghwa Dolmen site

Ganghwa Peace Observatory

Ganghwa Peace Observatory was constructed in the northern area of the Civilian Restricted Zone in Yangsa-myeon.  Since it opened in 2008, the observatory has been providing accessibility to visitors to see the area's natural ecosystem and some of North Korea. Ganghwa Peace Observatory also shows images related to the Korean War (1950-1953). The basement floor and fourth floor are used as a military facility.

Korea private tour-Tagytravelkorea, Ganghwa Peace Observatory

North Korea, as seen from the Peace Observatory

Korea private tour-Tagytravelkorea, Ganghwa Peace Observatory

Tour itinerary


Pricing information

Tour rate

Number of Guest / Price per Person
-  2Persons / USD242
-  3Persons / USD170
-  4Persons / USD136
-  5Persons / USD115
-  6Persons / USD103
-  7Persons / Inquiry


-  All admission fees to tourists sites

-  Local English-speaking guide service

-  Roundtrip transfer service with private vehicle

-  Hotel Pick up & Drop off Service in Seoul


-  Personal expenses

-  Every meals

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