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Ice fishing in Korea
A morning tour visits Pyeongchang where will be held for 17 days from 9 to 25 February 2018. Here, you can spend a winter seasonal for Korea Festival a day away from the hustle and bustle of the Seoul. The festival visitors can enjoy a variety of the winter activities at the famous Pyeongchang Trout Festival. Afterward, you visit Daegwallyeong Sheep Farm and feed the cute sheep Then, you will return to Seoul.

Ice fishing & Daegwallyeong Sheep Farm Tour

Tour description

You will head for Pyeongchang, Gangwon province. Gangwon-do is blessed with beautiful mountains (Mt.Seoraksan, Mt.Chiaksan, Mt.Odaesan, and Mt.Taebaeksan) and clean beaches that offer some of the best sceneries and vacation spots throughout the year. You can enjoy a variety of main ice fishing programs including ice trout fishing and trout fishing by bare hands. Also, there will also be additional programs including tube sledding, Korean traditional sledding, skating, ice four wheels bicycle and more. Any fresh trout caught from ice fishing can be prepared to eat by grilling or raw sashimi right away at a nearby restaurant.

Ice trout fishing

winter festival ice trout fishing-tagytravelkorea
Ice trout fishing festival-tagytravelkorea
Pyeongchang Trout Festival-tagytraelkorea

Trout fishing by bare hands

Pyeongchang Trout Festival-by bare hands,tagytravelkorea

Preparing service for grilling & raw sashimi

Winter activities

Korea private tour-Tagytravelkorea, Gangchon Rail Bike Park
Korea private tour-Tagytravelkorea, Gangchon Rail Bike Park
Korea private tour-Tagytravelkorea, Gangchon Rail Bike Park
Korea private tour-Tagytravelkorea, Gangchon Rail Bike Park

Daegwallyeong Sheep Farm

Daegwallyeong Sheep Farm in winter,tagytravelkorea 1day tour

You will head to Daegwallyeong Sheep Farm. Located in the mountains of Pyeongchang, the Daegwallyeong Sheep Farm raises more than 200 sheep on a total area of 195 k㎡! Daegwallyeong is the Alps in Korea, which shows what Korea’s winter is. Especially Daegwallyeong Sheep Farm is the place where you can see wild mountains in Korea winter and sheep. Although visitors can’t watch sheep outside along a walking path (1.2km) during winter, you can walk along a snow-covered walking path like main actor in a romantic movie.

Tour itinerary

Pricing information


Tour rate

Number of Guest / Price per Person
-  2Persons / USD256
-  3Persons / USD182
-  4Persons / USD145
-  5Persons / USD127
-  6Persons / USD111
-  7Persons / Inquiry


-  Professional English speaking guide

-  Roundtrip transfer service with private vehicle

-  Fishing equipment


-  Personal expenses

-  Every meals

-  Ice fishing in Tent with chair USD7~10

-  Sheep Farm entrance – USD4 per person

-  Feed the sheep – USD4 per person

Additional charge

- Preparing service for grilling (per 1 trout): USD 3

- Slice service for raw sashimi (per 1 trout): USD 3

Main Activities

- Trout fishing by bare hands: USD15 per person 

All additional activities: USD 22(All events re-entry is possible, except for a bobsled)

Additional Activities

- Tube sledding: USD6

- Korean traditional sledding: USD6

- Skating: USD6

- Snow rafting: USD6

- Ice four-wheel bicycle: USD6

- Ice kart: USD6


- Bobsled USD6 (2times) and 4 more activities



- This tour is seasonal and runs annually between December and February.

- The date is subject to change.

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