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Mt.Seorak National Park Tour

Seoraksan National park is internationally recognized for its rare species, the area in Korea to have been designated as a Biosphere Preservation District by UNESCO, and in IUCN recognized its rich natural resources. Mt Seorak sightseeing tour is a treat for nature lovers and immerses you in the spectacular natural scenery and spellbinding landscape vistas of Mt. Seorak national parks. This takes you on a one-hour trek around famous Jujeongol trail. Lying deep between high mountain ridges you will be able to explore the valleys and see beautiful nature. During this hike, you will stop at Yongso waterfall. Its beauty inspires many to travel here. After the short trekking, You'll head to Naksan Beach which is one of the top beaches of Korea. This tour includes taking the cable to Gweongumsung peak from Sogongwon and hike up to the top of the peak where you can get a bird's eye view of the mountain. Then you will stop by shinheungsa temple and see an imposing Buddha statue.  You and your tour guide will return to the starting point to complete the tour.


Tour description

Jujeongol Valley


Meet your guide at your hotel and drive 3hours to Mt. Seoraksan. You will stop at the Misiryeng pass where you overview of outer Mt.Seorak and go to Jujeongol Valley. It got its name from the fact that bandits made counterfeit coins at this valley. Jujeon in Korean means coin minting and gol means valley. An easy hiking course even for children and senior. Lying deep between high mountain ridges you will be able to explore the valley and see nature at its best.  The valley is filled with wild flowers in spring. In summer, the heat is washed away by the clean and cold water of the valley. In fall, the changing colors of the leaves make a fantastic scenery.  Also during this hike, you will stop at Yongso waterfall. A short, wide waterfall surrounded by greenery. Its beauty inspires many to travel here.  Then carry on to the last bridge where you can easily climb down to the river, to get a taste of the Osaek natural mineral water that flows through this valley.

 Osaek means five different flavors. The water has strong iron content and is highly carbonated. It’s so famous, that people from all over the country come to Mt.Seorak just for access to it. The fizzy liquid will be refreshing after our morning exercise.

Naksan Beach

Korea private tour-Tagytravelkorea, Naksan Beach

Naksan Beach in Yangyang-gun, Gangwon-do Province

Naksan Beach is one of the top beaches of Gangwon-do, drawing more than a million visitors each summer. Its sandy beach runs beside clean waters and is bordered by rows of pine trees.

The beach is also a top pick for those who are interested in Korea’s traditional culture as it is close to Naksansa Temple and Uisangdae Pavilion, which was built to commemorate Great Monk Uisang.

Afterward, you're taken to a local restaurant for a Korean lunch around Naksan beach. Then you continue on to Seorakdong.


Sogongwon Park


Upon arrival, you will ride the Seorak cable car to Gweongumsung peak(670m above sea level), which provides views of Inner Mt. Seorak, Ulsnbawi rock, and the East Sea. Located about 5 minutes from the entrance is the cable car ride. The ride itself is ten minutes long and displays heavenly views of the park and mountains.

Sinheungsa Temple

Korea private tour-Tagytravelkorea, Sinheungsa Temple

You can view beautiful Buddhist temples hidden with the mountain, most notably Sinheungsa

Sinheungsa is a short 10min walk away from the entrance to Sogongwon. In fact, many visit because of its close proximity to Sogongwon. You also can see a local landmark such as the 33-foot-high bronze Buddha statue at shinheungsa temple.

Tour itinerary

Pricing information

Tour rate


-  All admission fees to tourists sites

-  Professional English speaking driver and guide

-  Roundtrip transfer service with private vehicle


-  Personal expenses

-  Every meal


Please wear comfortable shoes for trekking


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- Inquiry

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