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D.M.Z  Tour  &  Memorial Gloucester Valley Battle

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The Korean peninsula is home to a single nation of people with the same language and ethnicity, divided in two. The Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) is a buffer zone, which was established on July 27, 1953, when the Armistice Agreement was signed during the Korean War. The DMZ vividly captures the scars and wounds of the Korean War as well as the wishes and hopes for the future.

After touring DMZ you are going to go on a tour to Gamaksan Suspension Bridge. Gamak-san is a mountain of great prominence. Rising dramatically from the southern plain of the Imjin River right next to DMZ area, its sharp rocky summit watches north over the DMZ.  While it’s not the longest anymore, the Gamaksan Suspension Bridge is substantial and pretty awe-inspiring. Enjoy the great experience of seeing a cool view over Silmari Valley on the cool bridge, which is 150m long.

Tour description

It is a tour to look around the Demilitarized zone, the symbol of the division of the Korean Peninsula for about 3hours. After lunch with the delicious duck barbecue, going to Gamaksan Mountain to visit Memorial Gloucester Valley Battle, a battlefield between Chinese and U.N. forces and enjoy beautiful mountains and valley crossing the suspension bridge.

Tour highlights

Imgingak Park

Imgingak Park
Imgingak Park

Imjingak is a park that was made in 1972 to give consolation to homesick of refugees who fled North Korea during the Korean War(1950~1953). It locates about 7km to the south from the Military Demarcation Line. It is allegedly about 2.5 million tourists who visit here annually.

Dorasan Train station

Dorasan Train Station
Dorasan Train Station_2

Dorasan Station is a railroad station located on the Gyeongui Line, connected South and North Korea.

On June 15, 2000, both Korea agreed to connect the Gyeongui Line which would link both countries. The railroad line was finally connected at the Military Demarcation Line (MDL) on June 14, 2003.


Dorasan observatory

Dorasan Observatory
Dorasan Observatory

Situated in Paju-si, and at the northernmost point of the Military Demarcation Line,  From the observatory, visitors can overlook North Korea and various locations including Gaeseong industrial complex, North Korea's propaganda village, Kim Il-Sung Statue, and Cooperation Farm

The third infiltration tunnel

The Third Infiltration tunnel
The Third Infiltration tunnel_2

The north had built a secret tunnel across the DMZ zone for the invading the south.  The third tunnel was discovered in October of 1978. 1.95 meters high, 2.1 meters wide and 1,635 meters long, it penetrates 435 meters south of the MDL and ends at the Truce Village of Panmunjeom.

Memorial Gloucester Valley Battle

Memorial Gloucester Valley Battle
Memorial Gloucester Valley Battle_2

The Gamak Suspension Bridge spans 150 meters across Silmari Valley. This Suspension Bridge is substantial and pretty awe-inspiring. Easy to get to and doesn’t require a hike. If you’ve ever wanted a suspension bridge pic without the hike before or after this is the bridge for you.

Gamak Hanging Bridge
Gamak Hanging Bridge_2

Mt. Gamak hanging bridge

This bridge and memorial commemorate the actions of the Gloucestershire Regiment during the Battle of the Imjin River and Mt. Gamak in 1951.

Mt. Gamak, where the 1st Battalion, the Gloucestershire Regiment (the Glorious Glosters) was ordered to "Hold on where you are", is remembered as "Gloster Hill". During the battle, 141 British, 12 Belgian and 5 Philippine soldiers were killed.

Tour Itinerary

DMZ Tour Itinerary

Pricing Information

Tour rate

Number of Guest / Price per Person
-  2Persons / USD240
-  3Persons / USD175
-  4Persons / USD140
-  5Persons / USD118
-  6Persons / USD106
-  7Persons / Inquiry


-  Local English speaking guide

-  All entrance Fee

-  Private Transport with hotel pick up & drop off

-  Roundtrip Transter service with private vehicle


-  Meal

-  Personal expense

-  Travel Insurance

-  Roundtrip Transter service with private vehicle


-  Over 7 year old: 'ADULT'

-  Child(24month ~ 6years old). there will be an ID verivication

-  Infants under 2 years old is free of charge.(Please bring the Passport)

-  Please email us, if your group is more than 7 peaple.

-  Please, Reservation at least 2days in advance.

-  DMZ tour is closed on Mondays and National Holidays

-  You must not take photos in certain places in the base

-  Please email us, if tou request pick up from or drop off at out of Seoul(Incheon) area

-  After finishing the tour, we can drop you off near the Seoul area.

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