Mt. Dobongsan in Bukhansan national park and Chimac

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Dobongsan (道峰山) is the furthest out of Seoul’s mountains. 

It has an elevation of 739.5 m (2,426 ft). It is known for the magnificent rock formations of the Manjangbong, Seoninbong, Jubong, Obong and Uiam Peaks. Mt. Dobongsan is located in the northern part of Bukhansan national park at the city’s northern limit; while the city views are a bit more distant than those from the other Seoul mountains, it offers the most dramatic mountain scenery instead. There are also some old and famous temples on its slopes. You may spend about 5 hours on this hike with all the gorgeous stops.

Tour description

Cheonchuksa Buddhist Temple

First stop to the peak is Cheonchuksa Buddhist Temple. There will be a beautiful stream with small waterfalls leading you the way. As you approach the temple you will see an array of standing Buddha statues welcoming you to the temple. It is good place to take a break for photos because the temple itself has a beautiful backdrop of the rocky formations. This temple is pretty and if you come on the weekend between 12 - 1pm you can get a free lunch.

Jaunbong peak

The trail to Jaunbong started-off with a light ascent along a beautiful river and gradually progressed into a fairly steep incline, paved with large granite steps. Then you have about a half hour of rocky stairs to climb to Juanbong Peak.  The trail is quite rocky, so there is a lot of scrambling over the rocks as you get higher and higher. See panoramic views of Seoul and Bukhansan once you reach the top.  The peak itself is 739.5 meters (2,426 feet) high and it really feels like you are on top of Seoul. This is a great place to stop and have lunch.

From Jaunbong there’s a great scrambling route along the ridge to a secondary peak (Podae Peak), it has fixed chains on all the steeper sections and is a great bit of fun but inexperienced hikers may find it a bit alarming.  (You can take the easy way down from the Jaunbong peak) From Podae peak, you descend via Mangwolsa Temple on a trail which brings you down to Mangwolsa Station (Line 1).

Podae ridge

Mangwolsa temple

Mangwolsa is a beautiful temple that you can see on your way down the mountain.  This temple has some beautiful scenery and is totally worth the extra time it takes to come down this way.  

You will finish up the hike at a local restaurant and enjoy chimaek. Relax post-hike with food and drink integral to modern Korean hiking culture.  The fried-chicken-and-beer combo known as chimaek("chi" for chicken and "maek" for maekju, Korean for beer) is cheap and beloved by Koreans.  

Mt. Wolchulsan

 Tour itinerary     08:30 - 09:30 Move to Mt. Mt.Dobong

                                    10:00 - 15:00 Hiking

                                    15:00 - 16:00 Chimac

                                    16:00 - 17:00 Return to hotel

Tour itinerary

Pricing information


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7persons up










-  Chicken & Beer

-  Local English-speaking guide

-  Roundtrip transfer service with private vehicle

-  Pick up & Drop off Service


-  Personal expense

-  Every meals


-  Please wear hiking shoes and weather-appropriate clothing

-  Please take a backpack, plenty of water and some food

-  If you ask, we will lend you a backpack, hiking poles and crampons.

-  Your guide will have a First-aid kit and hiking map with him


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