Trekking along the Seoul Fortress Road

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If you are interested in Seoul's history and transformation into a huge city with millions of inhabitants. this private Seoul tour will fully realize your intentions. You will be arranged to fully explore the old and poor hillside village beside Seoul city wall, the imposing Seoul city wall on the Mt. Bukak Wall and the Sejong food ally near Gyeongbok palace where you can try authentic Korean food. You will pass through the old Bukjeong village and start off your excursion along the Seoul city wall from the secret gate of the wall right next to the old village.  You will hike heavily fenced and guarded Mt. Bukak because it is behind of the Blue house( Presidential Office) and pass by Sukjeong Gate which is a north gate of Seoul city wall. You will get to Changwi Gate of the wall after 2 hours Hiking. You will be able to decide to go hiking continuously to Mt. Inwang or go down to Sejong village.

Tour description

Bukjeong Village

 Bukjeong Village, a hillside community of humble homes that’s something of a throwback to the Seoul of decades past. Picturesque Bukjeong Village spreads out beyond the Ammun (Secret Path), which is located on the Seoul city wall towards Seongbuk-dong, near Waryong Park. The village consists of a cluster of some 500 tiled-roofed houses built in the 1960-70s and is a well-known shooting location for TV dramas and films set in 1960-70s Seoul. This private tour is designed for people who want to experience different views of Seoul.

The imposing Seoul city wall

The wall, which follows the ridges of Baegak, Naksan, Namsan and Inwangsan, the four main mountains surrounding the center of Seoul, has been constantly managed since its initial construction in 1396. The wall measures between 5 and 8m high and are 18.6km long and it bears witness to the role played by a city wall in the life of a capital city, still sustained in modern day Seoul. You are going to walk from Waryong park to Changwimun gate for about 2 hours. Upon arrival, you will begin walking up to the wall escorted by our guide. It will be a great workout, but all your hiking effort will be rewarded with the fantastic scenery.

Sejong Village Food Street

Sejong Village Food Street, a narrow alley lined with restaurants.  While many food streets in Seoul are dedicated to a particular dish, Sejong is far more omnivorous, with gopchang and jokbal places, galbi barbecues, bunsiks, pojangmachas, a french fry stall, and a pizza place with Seochon microbrews on tap.  Its customers are a mix of neighborhood old timers, students from the nearby women’s university, local residents, and area art gallery hoppers, and it’s maybe partly due to the diverse clientele that the more modern eateries seem to mesh well with the older establishments.

Tour itinerary

09:00             Pick you up at your place    

09:30-10:30   Bukjeong Village

10:30-13:00   Seoul city wall 

13:30-15:00   Sejong Village Food Street

15:30-           Drop off hotel

Pricing information

Tour rate

per person







8persons up










-  All admission fees to tourists sites

-  Local English speaking tour guide

-  Bottle of water

-  Round-trip transfer service with private vehicle


-  Personal expenses

-  Every meals

  Bukjeong village
Secreat Gate
Sukjeongmun Gate
Changuimun Gate
Sejong village
Gyeongbok Palace
Blue House
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