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Cycling / Canoeng at Chuncheon City


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Pick up from your hotel in Seoul. Leave for Chuncheon city. Chuncheon, the capital of Gangwon Province, is literally a lake city, as it sits in a basin surrounded by lakes, rivers, and hills. It is a popular day trip destination. The city is also known as the filming location for the popular Korean drama Winter Sonata.
As the popularity of the drama spread overseas, Chuncheon has become a popular travel destination for international tourists from Asia.

Tour description

Euamho Lake bicycle path in Chuncheon

Korean Ministry of the Interior announced its top 100 most-beautiful bicycle trails to explore during the fall. The list is divided into four distinct categories, allowing both beginners and experienced cyclists to enjoy each region's bike trails. On the list are travel routes filled with sightseeing spots and regional delicacies, courses for couples, friends and family members, with easy-going trails for people of all ages, leisure trails with scenic resting stops, and cross-country trails for experienced cyclists.

The Euamho Lake bicycle path  is in Chuncheon, Gangwon-do Province. A highlight of the path is the Soyanggang River and the Euamho Lake Skywalk, which give cyclists the illusion of riding over water.

The Euamho Lake bicycle path in Chuncheon, Gangwon-do Province, is the course to pick if you want to enjoy a scenic landscape while visiting tourist spots and tasting some of the region's delicacies. The trail starts at Chuncheon Station, and follows the route along the Bukhangang River and the Euamho Lake, over the Soyang Skywalk to the Animation Museum, and then back over the Euam Skywalk. The trail, around 30 kilometers in total, takes around two hours to complete. The skywalks are definitely the highlight of the trail, giving cyclists the impression of riding on top of water for some 4 kilometers. Along the trail, you can pop into the Chuncheon Puppet Theater or take a break on the banks of the Soyanggang River, and enjoy some Chuncheon dakgalbi, spicy marinated chicken, and some makguksu, buckwheat noodles.

의암호 자.jpg

Visitors are highly encouraged to try dakgalbi (stir-fried chicken) or makguksu (buckwheat noodle dish), both of which are local specialty dishes of Chuncheon.

Dakgalbi  and Makkuksu are a must-eat when visiting Chuncheon.

Dakgalbi (spicy stir-friend chicken) is the most famous food of Chuncheon. The chicken is chopped up and marinated in sauce and then cooked on a grill together with vegetables.

Though the origin of makkusu is unknown, it is a cuisine that is simple to make without complex recipes and ingredients. Buckwheat is used to make the noodles and it is combined with kimchi or watery radish kimchi, added with vegetables, sauce, broth, vinegar and mustard as desired.

After having lunch, you will head for Chuncheon Mulle-Gil where is a great place to enjoy water sports like canoeing and yachting on a beautiful lake and river. This eco-tourism destination offers visitors a chance to surround themselves in an enchanting natural atmosphere and an opportunity to journey into nature through a refreshing outdoor activity. 

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Tour itinerary

08:30             Pick you up at your place    

10:00-13:00   A bicycle ride    

13:00-14:00   Lunch   

14:00-16:00   Canoeing

16:00-18:00   Go Back to your place

18:00             Drop off hotel


Pricing information

Chuncheon city

Tour rate



-  Wooden Canoe Ticket

-  Bicycle rent fee 

-  Soyanggang River Skywalk admission fee

-  Local English-speaking guide

-  Round trip transfer service with private vehicle


-  Personal expenses

-  Every meals


Operating Hours 
   Canoe Tour operates at every hour from 09:00-17:00 (Weekend 08:00-18:00).
* Subject to change depending on season so require advanced check.


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