Following the opening of its port in 1899, Gunsan became a hub of modern cultural heritage from the Japanese colonial era (1910–1945). After the nation’s liberation from colonial rule in August 1945, however, the city’s seemingly unstoppable prosperity came to a halt and went into limbo. All transactions at the port that relied on Japanese capital were completely cut off.  In addition, during the industrialization period after the 1960s, the city fell far behind in terms of development, as it relied on only primary industries and the food processing industry. Although the city is a symbol of the painful history of Japanese exploitation through its shipping of rice to Japan, it has now transformed into a fascinating cultural destination, offering a wide variety of things to see and do in addition to retaining traces of its colonial past. You will have a pleasant day to go sightseeing around Gunsan, Gogunsan islands and Saemangeum seawall, which are mixed with the past and the future. You can also enjoy some outdoor activities and the representative foods of Gunsan area.

 Gusan and Seonyudo Island Tour

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Gunsan Mordern history walking tour

Gochang Dolmen Site

Gochangeup Fortress 

Gochang Dolmen Site

Gochangeup Fortress 

After two and a half hours of journey from Seoul, you arrive at Gusan. Upon arriving in Gusan, you may feel the different atmosphere from Seoul. Low and little old buildings exuding an atmosphere of the old days welcome the visitors. You start your journey to the past, looking around the modern history museum, modern architectures of the Japanese colonial ear that are frequently used for filming and Jinpo Port, where the retired military equipment is displayed.

Enjoy the delicious foods of Gunsan

Gochang Dolmen Site

Gochangeup Fortress 

Gochang Dolmen Site

Gochangeup Fortress 

You may feel hungry after the tour. Take lunch at Hanilok restaurant. Every people in Gunsan know this restaurant well. The all time favorite is beef and radish soup. The restaurant was designed with Korean traditional house and Japanese house styles combined, which is very impressive.

For lunch, we suggest Soegogi Muguk (Beef and Radish Soup) made from thin slices of beef and white radish seasoned with Korean soup soy sauce. Not a heavy meal though, so you try it with Yukhoe Bibimbap (Beef Tartare Mixed Rice). Then you will go to Iseongdang for dessert. Opened in 1945, it is a bakery with the longest history in Korea. Actually, It was opened in 1920 by Japanese in the name of ,Izaya', and after liberation of Korea, a Korean man acquired the bakery and changed the name to Iseongdang.  Red bean bread and vegetablebread are the bakery's most popular bread. 


Gogunsan islands tour

We will take you to the stunning beautiful Gogunsan islands consists of 4 big islands, 3 of them are connected with bridges and 58 islands all together. You will go to the Sunyudo island to see the two very different beach. Okdol beach is the secluded pebble beach. Tucked away behind a small row of houses, the sound of the waves hitting the pebbles is one of the most relaxing sounds you can imagine. Walking along the pebble beach, you are surrounded by clear water and beautiful mountains. The beach is also a treasure trove of fantastically smooth sea glass. Another great place on the island is the main sand beach. Flanked by Manjubong, a giant monolith standing guard over the crescent moon shaped beach, Seonyudo’s main beach is a great place for swimming, catching shellfish, or Zipline activity. Then, you go to Jangjido island for hiking. Just 20 minutes hike to the peak, the summit still provides an excellent vantage point for viewing the many islands that dot the western coast of Korea. 

The Saemangeum land reclamation project uses a 33-km (20.5 miles) sea dyke to reclaim an area of 400 square kms (155 sq miles) Saemangeum seawall connects Gunsan, the Gogunsan islands, and Buan. It is the longest seawall in the world. 


Gogunsan islands

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