6Days Exploration of Western Korea

This 6 days tour will take you to beautiful west and south province. It is one of Korea’s least developed and greenest. The heartland of western Korea has rolling hills, the towering Sobaek Mountains to the east and long coastline to the south and west, with more than 2000 islands offshore – less than 300 of which are inhabited. Especially, the Jeolla province was largely isolated for centuries and it retains an off-the-beaten-track feel. 

With a comparatively balmy climate, southwest is famous for its bountiful harvests, fresh seafood, and green tea, celebrated in several festivals.

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Tour description

Day 1   Move to Gongju / Overnight in Buyeo
Gongsansung Fortress-Royal Tomb of King Muryeong-Buyeo National Museum
Korea private tour-Tagytravelkorea, Buyeo National Museum
Korea private tour-Tagytravelkorea,Royal Tomb of King Muryeong
Korea private tour-Tagytravelkorea, Gongsansung Fortress

Gongsanseong Fortress

Royal Tomb of  King Muryeong

Gilt-bronze Incense Burner of Baekje

Meet your guide in the morning, move to Gongju two hour's drive from downtown Seoul. Gongju was the capital of the ancient Baekje Kingdom from 475-539 before the kingdom fell when Silla unified the Korean Peninsula in the 7th century. Many remains of Baeje's former glory are well preserved in Gongju.  You will visit Gongsansung Fortress first. The fortresses were constructed to protect the people against foreign invasions. Gongsanseong Fortress embodies historical and cultural richness and is a fine example of a mountain castle of the Baekje period. Afterward, head to the Royal Tomb of King Muryeong. The popular Tomb of King Muryeong is the 7th tomb of songsan-ri tombs, and it is the resting place for Baekje's 25th King Mu-Ryeong and his queen. It was built with bricks like the 6th Tomb, and many national treasures were found inside, supplying scholars studying Baekje culture with precious research material.  You will be transferred to Buyeo and visit  Buyeo National Museum.  Overnight in Buyeo.

Day 2  Move to Gunsan and Gogunsan islands tour  / Overnight in Byeonsan
Gunsan Mordern history walking tour

Gochang Dolmen Site


Gochangeup Fortress 


Gochang Dolmen Site

군사 근대역사박물관.jpg

Gochangeup Fortress 


Following the opening of its port in 1899, Gunsan became a hub of modern cultural heritage from the Japanese colonial era (1910–1945). After the nation’s liberation from colonial rule in August 1945, however, the city’s seemingly unstoppable prosperity came to a halt and went into limbo. All transactions at the port that relied on Japanese capital were completely cut off.  In addition, during the industrialization period after the 1960s, the city fell far behind in terms of development, as it relied on only primary industries and the food processing industry. Although the city is a symbol of the painful history of Japanese exploitation through its shipping of rice to Japan, it has now transformed into a fascinating cultural destination, offering a wide variety of things to see and do in addition to retaining traces of its colonial past. 

Gogunsan islands tour
선유도 짚라인.jpg

Saemangeum seawall connects Gunsa, the Gogunsan islands and Buan. It is the longest seawall in the worldA one-hour ride takes you to the Gogunsan islands from the Gunsan city. We will take you to the stunning beautiful Gogunsan islands consists of 4 big islands, 3 of them are connected with bridges and 58 islands all together.  Visitors can view pebbles and sand dunes while walking along the fine beach. The sunset at Mangjubong Peak is one of the best scenes in Korea while the sea breeze surrounds you. 

Day 3   Move to Haenam and Bosung tour  /  Overnight in Damyang
Mihwangsa Temple-Dosolam Hermitage-Boseog Green Tea field
Tagytravelkorea.com-Mihwangsa Temple

Mihwangsa Temple

Tagytravelkorea.com-Boseong Green Tea Field
Tagytravelkorea.com-Dosolam Hermitage

Dosolam Hermitage

Tagytravelkorea.com-Boseong Green Tea Field

Boseong Green Tea field

Depart early this morning on the scenic 2-hour drive from Gochang to the remote province of Haenam. A full day tour of Jeollanam-do includes Mihwangsa Temple, Dosolam Hermitage, Boseog Green Tea field. You will spend a few hour taking in the beautiful surroundings of Mihwangsa temple and Dosolam hermitage. Even though the Dosolam hermitage nestled between majestic rocks is little, the view from this point on the mountain is absolutely incredible. After lunch, you will head to Bosung tea plantation. The lush green, curvy, beautifully lined rows of tea fields tucked between mountains and cedar trees are an overwhelmingly magnificent site. Not only do your eyes have sensory overload, but the scent of the green tea was in the air.  Overnight in Damyang.  

Day 4   Damyang Tour and Move to Mt.Mai in Jinan  / Overnight in Muju 
Metasequoia-lined Road-strawberry farm-Tapsa Temple-Taekwondowon


Korea private tour-Tagytravelkorea,Metasequoia-lined Road

Metasequoia-lined Road

Korea private tour-Tagytravelkorea, Tapsa Temple in Mt. Mai

Tapsa Temple

Korea private tour-Tagytravelkorea, Strawberry picking

Strawberry picking 

A morning tour visits Metasequoia-lined Road where you’ll come across a beautiful and exotic boulevard  Then you are going to a strawberry farm to experience strawberry picking. Strawberry picking is a wonderful activity for the family or friends. The strawberry from this are is well known for good taste. Then, head to the Tapsa Temple in Mt. Mai which is famous for the over 80 stone pagodas built by Lee Gapyong, retired scholar. Those stone pagodas have different sizes and shapes from cone-shaped to straight-shaped. Also, they have never collapsed nor even moved through strong winds, making them truely amazing.

Overnight at Taekwondowon in Muju.

Day 5   Taekwondowon tour and move to Mt. Daedun  / Overnight in Daejeon
Taekwondowon-Mt. Daedunsan Park-Deajeon Metropolitan city
Korea private tour-Tagytravelkorea, Taekwondowon

Taekwondo Experience

Korea private tour-Tagytravelkorea,Mt. Daedunsan

Mt. Daedunsan 

Korea private tour-Tagytravelkorea,authentic taekwondo demo
Korea private tour-Tagytravelkorea, Mt. Daedunsan Park

Today you will begin the tour Taekwondowon where  you can enjoy an authentic taekwondo demo at the hub of world taekwondo. You also can join many Taekwondo Program. Participants in these program regardless of sex, and ages can experience taekwondo naturally and interestingly using taekwondo basic forms and kicks.  Then you are going Mt. Daedunsan Park. Daedunsan offers craggy peaks with spectacular views over the surrounding countryside. Daedun Mountain is known for it's suspension bridge that connects two peaks of the mountain with an 80M drop areas. You will ride a cable car to the suspension bridge. After crossed the bridge you will progress up the mountain until you get to the suspension staircase which is round about 60 degrees steep with waist high hand rails. As you get higher you can feel a slight sway and when you turned around, the view and feeling is amazing. Overnight  in Deajeon Metropolitan city.

Day 6   Move to Incheon and End of the tour 
Sorae Ecological Park
Sorae Ecological Park
The salt farm, which was created when the country was under Japanese colonial period

On the last day, you will haed to the Sorae Ecology Park in Incheon where is a treasure trove of remarkable vistas -- a salt farm, mud flats and wetlands -- that can't found in city areas. The salt farm, which was created when the country was under Japanese colonial period (1910-45), ranked as the nation's largest until the 1970s. The farm is no longer in commercial use, but salt is still produced there to educate visitors and provide them with souvenirs of their trip. Next to the park are partially submerged mud flats that visitors can walk in barefoot.  Some stretches that run near a stream by the observation deck play host to a diverse range of wildlife, with wild ducks and buff-backed herons creating tranquil vistas from afar.
Tourists can stroll down the promenade for about an hour to take in more of the wetlands and their changing environment, scenery, flora and fauna. The freshwater area harbors a forest of reeds, while a variety of fish attract birds in the brackish water zone that joins up with the sea. Another popular spot features three 7.5-m windmills in idyllic surroundings.

Sorae Pogu Port

Afterward, the tour continues on to Sorae Port and Sorae pogu market. Sorae pogu market  was originally a small fishing village but it quickly expanded with the development of the nations .The market still has the feel of an old fishing village despite being in the centre of a huge city. Along the port many vendors have set up shop to sell and serve fish with drinks. 

Korea private tour-TagytravelSorae Pogu Portkorea,Sorae Pogu Port
Korea private tour-TagytravelSorae Pogu Portkorea,Sorae Pogu Port
Korea private tour-TagytravelSorae Pogu Portkorea,Sorae Pogu Port

Next you have the chance to explore brand new city, songdo. Songdo central park is the first park in Korean with man-made waterways created it boasts water taxis and various walking trails. Songdo Hanok(Korea tradtional house) Complex includes traditional culture and tourism facilities, including 30 traditional ondol-type hotel rooms, a guest house for banquets, restaurants, culture experience halls, a concert hall, and a marketplace.  Cafe street: Dalkomm cafe which is also a famous filming location for recent hit drama Descendants of the Sun!  After, you will continue to G-tower

Korea private tour-Tagytravelkorea,G-Tower is one of the landmark buildings in Songdo
Korea private tour-Tagytravelkorea,G-Tower is one of the landmark buildings in Songdo
Korea private tour-Tagytravelkorea,G-Tower is one of the landmark buildings in Songdo

G-Tower is one of the landmark buildings in Songdo. Inside, are banks, restaurants, post office, and office buildings. It is known for its unique architecture. There is a Sky Garden which is open to visitors in the day. Here you will be able to see Songdo in its entirety. There is also a bicycle rental service for free.

This is one of the best places to get a panoramic view of the Songdo city.    Returing to your place.

Tour itinerary

Sorae Port
& Songdo
Mt. Mai

Day 1  Gongju, Gongsansung Fortress-Royal Tomb of King Muryeong-Buyeo National Museum-Overnight in Buyeo


Day 2  Gunsan - Gogunsan islands - Overnight in Seonyoudo island


Day 3  Haenam, Mihwangsa Temple-Dosolam Hermitage-Boseog, Green Tea field- Overnight in Damyang


Day 4  Damyang, Metasequoia-lined Road-strawberry farm-MT.Mai-Overnight in Muju, Taekwondowon


Day 5  Muju, Taekwondowon-Mt. Daedunsan Park-Overnight in Daejeon


Day 6  Incheon, Sorae Ecological Park-Sorae Pogu Port-Songdo Central Park- G-tower-Seoul

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-  All admission fees to tourists sites

-  Professional English speaking driver and guide

-  Roundtrip transfer service with private vehicle


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-  Accomodations and every meals