6Days Exploration of Eastern Korea Tour

Korea private tour-Tagytravelkorea, 6 Days Exploration of Eastern Korea

Enjoy the adventure of exploration when traversing across the east part of South Korea. The eastern area of Korea has a perfect combination of mountains and beaches. Historical sites and beautiful scenery can be found not only in the small coastal towns but also in the remote forested mountains. Explore the terrific sights and majestic history found only in the eastern region of South Korea. This tour itinerary covers major cities, mountains, and temples definitely worth visiting. The plan is carefully designed to allow you to enjoy the beauty of nature, energetic trendy big city, and peaceful rural areas.

Tour description

Day 1   Move to Mt. Seorak / overnight in Gangneung 
Jujeongol Valley and Osak spring
Korea private tour-Tagytravelkorea, Jujeongol Valley and Osak spring
Korea private tour-Tagytravelkorea, Jujeongol Valley and Osak spring

Meet your guide and move to Mt. Seorak. You will stop at the Misiryeng pass where you can overview of inner Mt.Seorak and go to Jujeongol Valley. It got its name from the fact that bandits made counterfeit coins at this valley. Jujeon in Korean means coin minting and gol means valley. An easy hiking course even for children and senior. Lying deep between high mountain ridges you will be able to explore the valley and see nature at its best.  The valley is filled with wild flowers in spring. In summer, the heat is washed away by the clean and cold water of the valley. In fall, the changing colors of the leaves make a fantastic scenery.  Also during this hike, you will stop at Yongso waterfall. A short, wide waterfall surrounded by greenery. Its beauty inspires many to travel here.  Then carry on to the last bridge where you can easily climb down to the river, to get a taste of the Osaek natural mineral water that flows through this valley.

 Osaek means five different flavors. The water has strong iron content and is highly carbonated. It’s so famous, that people from all over the country come to Mt.Seorak just for access to it. The fizzy liquid will be refreshing after our morning exercise.

Sogongwon Park
Korea private tour-Tagytravelkorea, Mt. Seorak, Ulsnbawi rock, sokcho city and the East Sea.
Korea private tour-Tagytravelkorea, Mt. Seorak, Ulsnbawi rock, sokcho city and the East Sea.
Korea private tour-Tagytravelkorea, Mt. Seorak, Ulsnbawi rock, sokcho city and the East Sea.

Upon arrival, you will ride the Seorak cable car to KweonKumsung peak(670m above sea level). Kwonkeumseong Fortress was built around 1253 A.D. during Koryo Dynasty to fend off Mongolian invasion. There are several accounts of its origin, but the most popular legend goes that two local strong men with last name Gwon and Kim built the fortress together, so the name became Gwongeumseong, meaning Gwon-Kim-Fortress. These days, a large part of the fortress is destroyed, and only some walls remain.  It provides views of Outer Mt. Seorak, Ulsnbawi rock, sokcho city and the East Sea. Located about 5 minutes from the entrance is the cable car ride. The ride itself is ten minutes long and displays heavenly views of the park and mountains.

Sinheungsa Temple
Korea private tour-Tagytravelkorea,Sinheungsa Temple
Korea private tour-Tagytravelkorea,Sinheungsa Temple

You can view beautiful Buddhist temples hidden with the mountain, most notably Sinheungsa

Sinheungsa is a short 10min walk away from the entrance to Sogongwon. In fact, many visit because of its close proximity to Sogongwon. You also can see a local landmark such as the 33-foot-high bronze Buddha statue at shinheungsa temple.

Day 2  Move to Jeongsun and Pyeongchang Tour / Overnight in Epreumchi Village

Byeongbangchi Skywalk, Eoreumchi Village, Baengnyong Cave

Korea private tour-Tagytravelkorea, Byeongbangchi Skywalk
Korea private tour-Tagytravelkorea, Eoreumchi Village
Korea private tour-Tagytravelkorea, Byeongbangchi Skywalk
Baengnyong Cave

 Byeongbangchi Observatory is located in the between Day two begins with early breakfast before being transferred to the Byeongbangchi Observatory in Jeongsun city. Gyuram-ri and Buksil-ri in Jeongseon and features breathtaking views surrounding Bamseom Island whose shape is like the Korean peninsula with streams of Donggang River.  Also, it offers a thrilling experience as it gives a feeling of walking in the sky thanks to the tempered glass on the ‘U’ shaped structure (11m) projected from the cliff at an altitude of 583m.  in Pyeongchang, Gangwon-do is a village filled with the theme of Mother Nature. The rural village is known for its clean environment where Eoreumchi( Cyprinid Fish) lives in the cleanest water. You can go camping and even enjoy leisure sports such as sky jump, Eoreumchi VillageThen, The tour will visit Eoreumchi village and Baengnyong Cave. sky line, and rafting. Baengnyong  Cave (White Dragon Cave) is a 1.8㎞-long, natural limestone cave. Its entrance is surrounded by rocks and was once accessible only by boat. Alongside Donggang River, the cave harbors mysteries of the past 500 million years including a piano-shaped stalactite, a huge stone pillar, and a stalagmite looking just like a fried egg. The cave was designated as Natural Monument No. 260 in 1979.  And then you will trek for chilzokryeong. Located on the hillside of the Mt. Backun, the observation deck of Chiljokryeong hanging from a cliff almost 600 m above the ground provides an incredible view of the Dongkang river, making it an attractive point to visit. Overnight in Eoreumchi village.

Day 3   Move to Yongwol and  Jecheon, Danyang Tour / Overnight in Daegu

Jangenung Tomb and Cheongpung Lake

Korea private tour-Tagytravelkorea, Jangenung Tomb
Korea private tour-Tagytravelkorea, Cheongpung Lake
Korea private tour-Tagytravelkorea, Jangenung Tomb
Korea private tour-Tagytravelkorea, Cheongpung Lake

This morning  You will head to Jangneung Royal Tomb.  Jangneung is the tomb of Danjong, the 6th king of the Joseon Dynasty (1441-1457). After having the throne taken away by Suyang Daegun, his uncle, Danjong was condemned to exile in Yeongwol County, where he was later murdered and his remains were abandoned in the Dongang River. When no one else was brave enough to find his body, Eom Heung-do, the governor of Yeongwol Lake, found his body and buried him in the tomb that later became Jangneung, one of the royal tombs of the Joseon Dynasty.  It was designated as UNESCO World Heritage Site on 30th June 2009.  In the afternoon, Transfer to Cheongpung lake to ride  Pleasure Boat. The best course is the 130-ri waterway which is a 1-hour round trip from Cheongpungnaru to Janghoenaru. You can enjoy the view of Gudambong Peak whose oddly shaped rock resemble a turtle, Oksunbong Peak that soars like a bamboo shoot, and Geumsusan Mountain that boasts its beauty while riding the boat.

Sainam Rock

Korea private tour-Tagytravelkorea, Sainam Rock
Korea private tour-Tagytravelkorea, Sainam Rock

The Sainam Rock is a rugged outcropping with an inspiring height of 70 meters, and the deep blue Namjocheon Stream passes in front of it, located in the southern part of Danyang-gun. This impressive rock cliff, dotted with old pine trees, overhangs a clear stream. The ferry offers great views of the lake and its surroundings. Overnight in Deagu.

Day 4   Move to Gyeongju / Overnight in Busan 

Tumuli park

Korea private tour-Tagytravelkorea, Tumuli park

Visit the Tumuli park. It has more than 20 large and small tombs from the Shilla period. The tombs are presumed to be those of kings and court officials. Most of them are earthen and mound-shaped. Some double gourd-shaped ones are for the joint burial of a husband and wife. As those excavated were all found to be stone-pilled wood-lined chamber type, most of the tombs here are presumed to be of the same type. During the excavations of chenmachong and Hwangnamchong , numerous artifacts (including a gold crown, gold girdles, gold and silver personal ornaments, horse fittings, and weapons) were uncovered.

Korea private tour-Tagytravelkorea, Gyeongju National Museum

Gyeongju National Museum 

Arguably the best history museum in Korea, the Gyeongju National Museum is where you can appreciate the significance of this ancient city in one fell swoop. The main archaeological hall has dazzling displays of jewellery, weaponry and other ceremonial items from the Shilla dynasty, including a 5th-century gold crown


Cheomseongdae  means "Star Gazing Tower." Built during the reign of Queen Seonduk (27th ruler of the Shilla dynasty) in 634, it is the oldest existing observatory in the Far East. It has 27 levels of stones in a round shape with four sets of parallel bars to make a square-shaped structure on its top. The 12 rectangular base stones are positioned in a square, three on each side, representing the four seasons and twelve months of each year.  For over two thousand years, astronomers studied the movements of stars and planets and charted them. Court astrologers reported and interpreted their findings to the King who would then act according to their predictions.

Korea private tour-Tagytravelkorea,Cheomseongdae Astronomical Observatory
Cheomseongdae Astronomical Observatory

Bulguksa Temple

Seokguram Grotto

Bulguksa Temple
Korea private tour-Tagytravelkorea, Bulguksa Temple
Seokgulam Grotto
Korea private tour-Tagytravelkorea, Seokguram Grotto

Bulguksa Temple is the most famous Buddhist temple in Korea and the home to a number of important relics from the Silla period, including most obviously the two stone pagodas Dabotap and Seokgatap. It also dates from the 8th century but has been rebuilt on a number of occasions.

Seokguram Grotto is a hermitage that is part of the Bulguksa temple complex. The grotto overlooks the East Sea and rests 750 meters above sea level. It holds some of the best Buddhist sculptures in the world, including the main Buddha. Construction lasted from 742 to 774. 

Inside the round-shaped main hall are the Bonjon Statue, Bodhi-sattva and his disciples. The Bonjon figure wearing a generous smile is seated on the stage engraved with a lotus flower design. As the sunrise from this spot is quite beautiful, many people climb the mountain at daybreak.

Day 5   Busan  tour   / Overnight in Busan

Busan Metropolitan City

Korea private tour-Tagytravelkorea, Busan Metropolitan City
Korea private tour-Tagytravelkorea, Jagalchi fish market

Busan is Korea's second largest city with close to 4 million people. It also serves as the country's main port for international cargo, as well as passenger ferries to Japan and Jeju Island. The city is famous for its seafood and beaches, as well as the Hallyosudo Waterway with its picturesque islands. The Busan fish market has a huge selection of fresh seafood in the early morning. Although primarily known as a port, the city has many steep hills, creating a very unusual mix of mountains and ocean. The city annually hosts the International Fireworks Festival and the Busan International Film Festival, while regularly holding various events at Centrum City, the world's largest department store.  The first stop on the tour today is Busan Tower includes, Jagalchi fish Market, Gamcheon mural village, Dongbaek Island, Haeundaea. After then We head to Gyeongju and stay overnight in Bomun tourist complex.

Korea private tour-Tagytravelkorea, Gamncheon Mural village
Korea private tour-Tagytravelkorea, Haeundae Beach
Day 6  Namhae island tour and move to Seoul 
Boriam Hermitage and Geumsan Ginseng market
Korea private tour-Tagytravelkorea, Boriam, Hermitage of Compassion Overlooking the South Sea
Korea private tour-Tagytravelkorea, Fried ginseng, Geumsan
Korea private tour-Tagytravelkorea, Geumsan ginseng market

This morning, You will visit Boriam Hermitage. Nestled at the top of Geumsan Mountain, Boriam Temple is a picturesque temple embracing the beautiful mountain surroundings and the Namhae sea. Inside of the temple, Jwaseondaebawi Rock where the Great Master Wonhyo sat in meditation catches one’s eye, as well as Ssanghongmun which is a cave that is one of 38 scenic views in Geumsan Mountain. Afterward, stop by Geumsan-gun, Chungcheongnam-do. You will go to  Geumsan Ginseng Market. Geumsan is widely known as the largest ginseng market in Korea, holding 80% of the nation’s ginseng trade. Along with its enormous ginseng industry, Geumsan is also rising as the largest herbal medicine market in the country.

Boriam, Hermitage of Compassion Overlooking the South Sea
Haeundae Beach
Gamncheon Mural village
Geumsan ginseng market
Fried ginseng
Jagalchi fish market
Marin  City
Mt, Seorak

Day 1  Seoul-Mt. Seorak, Jujeongol Valley-Yongso waterfall-Osak spring-Sogongwon Park-Sinheungsa Temple-Overnight in Pyeongchang

Day 2  Jeongsun, Byeongbangchi Observatory-Eoreumchi village-Baengnyong Cave, chilzokryeong-Overnight in Jeongsun

Day 3 Jeongsun, Jangneung Royal Tomb- Jaecheon, Cheongpung Lake-Sainam Rock- Overnight in Deagu

Day 4  Gyeongju, Tumuli park-Gyeongju National Museum, Cheomseongdae, Bulguksa Temple, Seokguram Grotto-Overnight in Busan

Day 5  Busan Tower, Jagalchi fish Market, Gamcheon mural village, Dongbaek Island, Haeundaea beach-Overnight in Namhae

Day 6  Namhae, Boriam Hermitage- Geumsan Ginseng market-Seoul

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