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    2-day Seomjin River & Mt.Wolchulsan National Park Tour

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Escape the hustle and bustle of the city on this tour from Seoul to Gokseong, Gurye, Yeongam, Jeollanam-do province. 

Jeollanam-do in the southwest of Korea is one of Korea's least developed and greenest province and home to diverse tourist beautiful destinations.  This tour covers a couple of outdoor activities. the first one is rail biking along Seomjin river which is one of the most pristine one in Korea. It provides a smooth and comfortable adventure suitable for all and a good chance to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Seomjin River. In early spring, white cherry blossoms would come out to take their place beautifully complementing the banks of the Seomjingang River.


The other one is hiking at Mt. Wolchul National Park.  This national park is filled with special and unique rocky mountain peaks and slap and is famous for the suspension bridge, 120m from the ground, 52m long. You will also explore the Hwaeomsa Buddhist Temple with its many national heritage which is at the foot of Mt. Jiri.

If time permits, you could look around Hwagae traditional Market and Bosung tea plantation.

This 2 days tour allows you to enjoy the beauty of nature, outdoor activities, and peaceful rural areas.

Tour description

Day 1   Seoul - Gokseong - Gurye / Overnight in Suncheon
Gokseong station and Seomjingang Train Village
Jeonlla Province tour-Gokseong station
Seomjingang Train Village

Meet your guide in the morning, head to Seomjingang Train Village at Goksung, approximately three and a half hour's drive from downtown Seoul. You will visit Gokseong station or Seomjingang train village first.

Gokseong station is an old train station which remains in its past form. The official name for this station is Seomjingang train village. Currently, it is a theme park which exhibits old trains and train-related facilities and also provides rail bike experience. If you may visit May, the Rose Garden blooms with roses of 1,004 varieties from different countries. Here is where the annual Gokseong Rose Festival is held every May. Seomjin train village has introduced CNN’s beautiful places to visit in S.Korea.

Seomjingang River Rail Bike and steam train
Seomjingang River Rail Bike, 2days Jeonlla Province tour
Chimgok Station-1
Chimgok Station

You will ride rail bike along beautiful Seomjingang river from Chimgok Station to Gajeong Station for about 30 minutes. Rail biking is a self-powered pedal vehicle and runs on railroad tracks. work in a pair or 2 pairs, and it is great fun for family and friends. Enjoy the gentle breeze, blue sky and clear river water run through peacefully as you pedal through the railroad.
 After riding rail bike, you are going to take steam engine train going to Gokseong station. The steam train of the village is an exact replica of an actual train that was used in the old days of South Korea. The train runs 10km between the old Gokseong Station and Gajeong Station. Travelers can enjoy the scenic view of lush greenery along the Seomjingang River and flowers alongside the roads at springtime.

Hwaeomsa Temple
2Days Korea tour-Hwaeomsa Temple
2days Jeonlla Province Outdoor activities tours, Hwaeomsa temple

Afterward, transfer to Gurye an hour's drive from here. You visit Hwaeomsa Temple where is one of Korea’s largest and most well-respected temples. Hwaeomsa Temple, which means “Flower Garland Sutra,” in English, was first founded by Yeon-gi Jose in 544 C.E.

During a war of the Japanese invasion(1592-1598), all of the temples were burnt down except some stone lanterns & pagodas and were rebuilt ever since then so there still exists lots of national treasures. Today, it’s one of Korea’s largest and most well-respected temples. In total, the temple houses four national treasure

Day 2    Jeonju  - Damyang - Seoul 
Hwagae Market (If time permits)
Hwagae Market, Jeonlla province tor, Tagy Travel Korea
Hwagae Market, Cherry blossom path.
Hwagae Market, Cherry blossom festival
If time permits, you can visit Hwagae Market which is one of the five biggest traditional markets. The market is one of the most visited attractions along with Ssanggyesa Temple and Jirisan Mountain due to it's location near a cherry blossom path. A market offers a variety of local products and delicacies.


Day 2 Yeongam - Mt.Wolchulsan National Park

You will head to Yeongam in the morning. The name Yeongam, literally meaning “mystical rocks” in Korean, originates from the rocks on Mt. Wolchulsan. The mountain has many interestingly-shaped rocks that have long been regarded to be closely related to certain mystical figures.

This national park is filled with special and unique rocky mountain peaks. The mountains rise dramatically from the flat farmlands of Gangjin and Yeongam counties southwest of Gwangju. Its highest peak, Cheonhwangbong, rises 809m. The sunset to the west is also beautiful beyond description. The name Wolchul appropriately means "mountain where the moon rises." Tourist attractions include a 52-meter-long suspension bridge that connects two peaks and a sitting Buddha statue designated as a National Treasure.

You can choose how long a hike will take among 2hours, 4hours, and 6hours.

Hiking Course 1. Difficulty Level-Easy
Mt. Wolchulsan National Park Hiking tour
Mt. Wolchulsan National Park, Suspension bridge(Gureumdari)

3.9km trail, 2-2.5 hours

Cheonhwang Parking Lot -> Gureumdari Bridge (suspension bridge)-> Cheonhwang Parking Lot

Hiking Course 2. Difficulty Level-Moderate
Mt.Wolchulsan National Park Hiking
Mt. Wolchulsan National Park Hiking tour, Suspension bridge(Gureumdari)

6.7km trail, 4-4.5 hours

Cheonhwang Parking Lot -> Gureumdari Bridge (suspension bridge)-> Cheonhwangbong Peak - > Cheonhwang Parking Lot

Mt. Wolchulsan National Park, Suspension bridge(Gureumdari)-Tagy Travel Korea
Mt. Wolchulsan National Park Hiking, Cheonhwangbong peak
View from Cheonhwangbong Peak
Hiking Course 3. Difficulty Level-Challenging
Jeonlla Province Tour
Mt. Wolchulsan National Park Hiking-Cheonhwang Temple

9.4km mountain trail, 6-6.5 hours

Cheonhwang Parking Lot -> Gureumdari Bridge (suspension bridge) -> Cheonhwangbong Peak -> Gujeongbong Peak -> Eoksaebat (Pampas Grass Field) -> Dogapsa Temple

* If you choose this level course, we will skip the Boseong green tea field.

Cheonhwang Temple
View of Cheonhwangbong Peak
Mt.Wolchulsan National Park Hiking-2
Mt.Wolchulsan National Park Hiking-1
Mt. Wolchulsan National Park, Grass Field
Mt. Wolchulsan National Park Hiking tour
Boseong Green Tea field 
Jeonlla province tour, Boseong
Jeonlla province tour, Boseong Green Tea field

Boseong is one of the most beautiful, undiscovered parts of South Korea, especially in the early spring and then in the fall when it is harvest season. It is a picturesque area filled with rolling hills that are all used for growing tea.

Tour itinerary

2days Jeolla Province tours-map
Seomjingang train village
Hwaeomsa Temple
Mt Wolchulsan National Park

Day 1 


08:00                 Pick you up at your place

08:00 - 12:00    Transfer to Seomjingang Train Village

12:00 - 13:00    Lunch(Bulgogi or grilled fish)

13:30 - 15:00    Railbike riding

15:00 - 15:40    Head to  Gurye,

15:40 - 17:00    Hwaeomsa Temple

17:30 - 19:00    Hwagae Market and dinner(Bibimbap)

19:00 - 20:00    Transfer to Suncheon

20:00                 Overnight in Suncheon

Day 2  


08:00                 Pick you up at your place

08:00 - 09:00    Transfer to Boseong Green Tea field

09:00 - 10:30    Boseong Green Tea field

10:30 - 11:30    Head to Mt Wolchulsan Nation Park

11:30 - 12:30    Lunch(Beef rib and Octopus soup)

12:30 - 16:00    Hiking Mt Wolchulsan National

16:00 -  20:00   Transfer to Seoul

                          Dinner at an expressway service area

20:00                Drop off Hotel

Pricing information

per person

















-  All Entrance Fees (Include: rail bike tickets)

-  Professional hiking guide

-  Roundtrip transfer service with private vehicle

-  Accommodation 1Night (3 or 4 Start Hotel with Breakfast, Double or Twin or Triple bed sharing room) 

-  Lunch(2), Dinner(2)


-  Personal expense

-  Travel Insurance

-  Drinks


-  Please wear hiking shoes and weather-appropriate clothing

-  Please take a backpack, plenty of water and some food

-  If you ask, we will lend you a backpack, hiking poles and crampons.

-  Your guide will have a First-aid kit and hiking map with him

Tour rate

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